Contact & Legal Information

The accountability for the Ft ONE Tiger Sneaker 2.0 online shop is:

The Better Brands House

This is particularly true for all designs found in the shop, as well as all elements used in designing the shop.

Technical Implementation

This online shop operates from a platform provided by The Shotokan Times. The Shotokan Times is responsible for the technical functioning of this site.

When placing an order in his online Shop, the buyer exclusively enters into a contract with The Better Brands House and not with the Shop operator. The General Rules & Conditions of The Better Brands House apply exclusively to any order placed.

Name and address:

The Better Brands House

6/F, Block A, Tian Yin Building,

28 Houjie Avenue,

Houjie, Dongguan City,

Guangdong Province, China

The picture shows Karate-Gis by SaikoSports, Taisei, and Momoko in the The Dojo Shop.

Represented by: Nicol Jiang


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