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Spirit meets Quality: The Shotokan Times and Saiko-Sports have partnered up

The picture shows the banner for the "Spirit meets Quality" series.

“Spirit meets Quality” is the motto of the newly forged partnership between German karate gi and equipment supplier SaikoSports and The Shotokan Times. Together both companies will offer karate gis and other equipment to the international karate community through The Shotokan Times Shop.

With “Spirit meets Quality” the partnership expresses its desire to reach perfection in its operations and products. Dr. Philipp Lang, owner and managing director of SaikoSports, commented on the partnership: “The Shotokan Times is the right partner for us to bring our products to the global market. It fosters the highest ideals of the karate spirit: seeking perfection, honesty, effort, and humility. And: to serve their readers is of utmost importance for The Shotokan Times.”

“Spirit meets Quality” also means Tradition and Innovation

Both companies agree that a combined approach of constant tradition and innovation puts “Spirit meets Quality” into practice. Dr. Christian Tribowski, owner and managing director of The Shotokan Times, on his decision to partner up with SaikoSports: “Dr. Lang has shown a strong focus on tradition and innovation. For instance, the YAMA karate gi has a traditional cut but is made from organic cotton. To maintain what has proven excellent and to innovate when new solutions improve products is part of the SaikoSports DNA. With their strong focus on highest quality they are the right partner for us.”

“Spirit meets Quality”: Bring Japan Closer to the West

“Spirit meets Quality” stands also for the will of both companies to bring Japan closer to Western karatekas. All SaikoSports products are inspired by Japanese karate masters like Tadashi Ishikawa. Thus, they fit perfectly into the program of The Shotokan Times, which constantly reports about Japanese karate masters, karate activities in Japan, and works as a facilitator between Japan and the West.

Both companies will be supported by TuWaBo, a marketing agency run by three karatekas from Magdeburg, Germany. TuWaBo will be responsibly for the marketing campaign and the brand communication.

“Spirit meets Quality” Products

The first products we offer you in our “Spirit meets Quality” series are the TAKE karate gi, the FUSO karate gi, the YAMA karate gi, and the Karate Bag, a must have bag with an individual embroidery.

  • The picture shows the TAKE karate gi in the "Spirit meets Quality" series.
  • The picture shows the TAKE karate gi in the "Spirit meets Quality" series.
  • The picture shows the TAKE karate gi in the "Spirit meets Quality" series.

„TAKE“ (竹) is the Japanese word for bamboo. Thus, this karate gi is suitable for all training conditions: kihon, kata, and kumite.

  • The picture shows the FUSO karate gi in the "Spirit meets Quality" series.

The FUSO (扶桑) karate gi is the king of snap. “Fuso” is the ancient name of Japan. Thus, this karate gi combines innovation and tradition.

  • The picture shows the YAMA karate gi in the "Spirit meets Quality" series.
  • The picture shows the YAMA karate gi in the "Spirit meets Quality" series.

“YAMA” (山), the mountain: The first „organic-karate gi“ ever. With a YAMA you have an excellent karate gi for your training and you also contribute to a more sustainable world.

  • The picture shows the KARATE BAG in the "Spirit meets Quality" series.

The new KARATE BAG is the ideal companion for every Karateka: Sporty, robust, and perfectly organized. Upon request it can be individually embroidered with your own name, club logo, or symbol.