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Komazawa University reports about Portrait of Miki Suetsugu

The picture shows two students and the emblem/logo of Komazawa University in Tokyo.

We are very happy to announce that Komazawa University in Tokyo, Japan, has reported about our portrait of Miki Suetsugu in our Women of Shotokan series.

The picture shows the announcement at the Komazawa University website.

Miki Suetsugu: Associate Professor at Komazawa University

The short report covers our feature of Miki Suetsugu because she is an associate Professor at the Sports and Health Sciences Department as well as at the General Education and Research Department at Komazawa University. In addition, she also coaches the Karate Club at Komazawa University.

One of her major research projects comprises the involvement of women in karate. It examines the support structures women have or the systems lacks of during their karate life-course.

Being a Komazawa University graduate Miki Suetsugu also was a member of the karate club. Here she gained the power, the skills, and attitude to win the 1st  place in the Kumite, Team Kata, and Team Kumite competition at the 44th National Championship Tournament 2001.

Komazawa University

Komazawa University (駒澤大學, Komazawa Daigaku) is among the oldest institutions of higher learning in Japan. Its establishment took place in 1592. It first served as a seminary for the Sōtō sect, one of the major ZenBuddhist traditions in Japan. Later it was further developed in a full university with several departments. However, its present curriculum and educational approach still applies Zen Buddhist concepts.

Today, is comprises three main campuses in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo. These three campuses are:

  • Komazawa campus
  • Futakotamagawa campus
  • Fukasawa campus

Famous Komazawa University Karate Club

The Karate Club of the university belongs also to the best and strongest in Japan. Famous karate instructors like Oishi Takeshi, Izumiya Seizo, Kobayashi Kunio, Okuie Satomi, and Kurihara Kazuaki attended Komazawa University and the karate club.