Makiwara Monday: Board Breaking with Ippei Kamae

Who ever questioned the reward of makiwara training should be invited to watch the following video by Ippei Kamae. Ippei is a makiwara enthusiast and trains regularly on it. This constant training has given him […]

Makiwara Monday

Makiwara Monday: Uraken

Ippei Kamae loves makiwara training. According to himself he does everyday 1,000 punches on the wooden board when he trains at the JKA Honbu Dojo. Witnesses from abroad have confirmed that. In this video he […]


What is Fighting Spirit? And how to train it!

By Michael Ehrenreich We can see if somebody possesses fighting spirit or not. Fighting spirit seems to be ubiquitous. We all know what fighting spirit is. Until we are being asked for an explanation. Fighting […]

Makiwara Monday
Makiwara Monday

Quote of the day: Learn from Kata!

This quote was provided to us by Jeff Christian. He attended a Gasshuku with Shuiseki Shihan Manabu Murakami of the SKIF in Houston, USA last week. Shihan Murakami made some remarks about how to understand […]