Traditional Shotokan: What is traditional about it?

By Dr. Christian Tribowski Many masters, associations, and Karateka claim to practice traditional Shotokan. They usually do this in order to distinguish their Karate from what is called Sports Karate. A precise definition what traditional […]


Rodrigo Rojas: Disputed Funakoshi Cup Champion

By Dr. Christian Tribowski First non-Japanese Victory since 1998 In 2017, the ground shook. The earthquake of that day changed the landscape of traditional Shotokan Karate for the next decade. Rodrigo Rojas from Chile broke […]

Students at the Takudai Karate Club: The training was very tough. Harassment and discipline were deemed necessary to create strong Karateka.

Once upon a time at the Takudai Karate Dojo

The most of you have heard many legends about the training at the Takudai Dojo before. For instance, endurance training like bunny hopping upstairs or bunny hopping two rounds on the track pulling an old […]

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Takudai Seminar 2018

Today was the final day of the 3rd Takudai Seminar held in Munich, Germany. It was a great success and the Dojo Edo München (@karatemuc) did an excellent job organizing and managing the event. 450 […]