Girl doing Oi-Zuki

Karate Do as a Martial Art: War or Peace?

By Marco Sanna The Origin of Karate Do as Martial Art Back in the days, martial arts prepared warriors for hand-to-hand combat. Self-protection was paramount. In such a system was little room for art, spiritualism, […]


Makiwara Monday: A Variety of Punches by Michael Ehrenreich

A few weeks ago, we already published a very interesting Makiwara Monday video with Michael Ehrenreich. Michael showed in this video how to train different punches like Ura-Zuki and Shuto Uchi at the Makiwara. Advertisement: […]


Makiwara Monday

Some love it, some hate it. However, it does not matter what you think about it, the Makiwara is an integral training device for Shotokan Karate. Kime (jap. 決め), endurance, timing, precision, and hardening of […]