Masao Kagawa: The Competitor and Teacher

Masao Kagawa belongs to the most prominent Shotokan karate instructors of today. Two things made this prominence possible: Firstly, his media presents. A myriad of explanatory videos on YouTube and Facebook have introduced him to […]

Women of Shotokan

Hiromi Hishiki – Women of Shotokan

Hiromi Hishiki is an extraordinary Karateka in many respects. She started her training under Masatoshi Nakayama and Tetsuhik Asai. The unprecedented spirit of this time coined her whole later life. Hiromi Hishiki belongs to the […]


Classic: Shihan Nakayama´s Self-Defense

In modern day Shotokan training, self-defense aspects are of minor importance. For Shihan Nakayama, however, Goshinjiyu (護身術, engl. self-defense) seemed to be a vital element of Shotokan – also against weapons. For a closer look, […]


Andre Bertel in Halle, Germany

Andre Bertel had been one of the last students of the late Shihan Tesuhiko Asai. Like no other, Sensei Bertel has incorporated the dynamic, fast, flexible, and unique style of Shihan Asai. This year, he […]