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Product Review: Daedo Gi Quality Insufficient

Daedo has established itself as one of the top five non-Japanese Karate Gi producers world wide. Especially in the WKF they are a prominent brand. That is why we conducted a product review of their Shihan Karate Gi. By Dr. Christian Tribowski

Daedo under Review

A few days ago, Sensei Erkan Kemir from Cologne, Germany, sent us a product review for the Daedo Shihan Karategi. Daedo is a Spanish martial arts gear producer. They also sponsor the WKF and received the approval to provide official fighting gear. Here we briefly recap the experience he communicated us.

Sensei Kemir bought the Gi for his son Kaan, who wore it only once during a workshop. The workshop dealt with Kata. So no fighting whatsoever could have damaged the Gi. Right after the first training, however, the Gi showed several signs of insufficient quality. Erkans wife, Filiz, who is a professional sewer, documented the flaws.

Seams Insufficient

While the garment itself appeared to hold the promised quality, the seams were insufficient. All over the Gi, they found several parts with untidy and weak stitches.

Daedo Shihan 2
Daedo Shihan 3
Daedo Shihan 5

Even worst than the untidy seams, some of them were already broken. That is an absolute no go. It might be that somebody wore the Gi before. However, it came right from the distributer. Thus, one can expact that it was brand new. Broken seams implicate very poor production quality.

Daedo Shihan
Daedo Shihan 6

Sensei Kemir was very unsatisfied with the Gi. The next day, he sent it back to the retailer and got one from another brand.

No Sufficient Quantity of Gis Tested

We cannot judge whether this is a common problem of Daedo Gis because we have never tested a sufficient quantity of them for a longer period. It might be that it was a Gi from a flawed production charge or just a single case. We do not know. We also do not know the experiences of other Karatekas, who have been wearing them. This report is only based on the experience of Sensei Kemir.

Price very High in Comparison to other Brands

However, we can understand Sensei Kemirs disappointment. The price of 140 Euro or 160 Dollar is considerably high for a Karategi. Thus, he expected a higher standard of quality.

We hope that Daedo will get in touch with Sensei Kemir, find a solution and restore its good image.

What about your Experiences?

Please, write us your experiences with Daedo Gis. Did you experience the same problems? Was the quality as high as promised? Are you happy with your Gi?

If you also want to share your experiences with Shotokan Karate-related products, just send us a message. We are happy to help.