Women of Shotokan

Women of Shotokan: Hiyori Kanazawa

Last weekend, Hiyori Kanazawa achieved what she had dreamed of: She became grand champion (1th place in kumite and 2nd in Kata) at the SKIF world championship in Czech Republic. We think it is time […]


Women of Shotokan: Holly Rye

By Dr. Christian Tribowski Today, we are going to portrait Holly Rye in the Women of Shotokan section. Holly Rye is 33 years old and lives currently in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally from Kent, England, she […]


Makiwara Monday: Which Kata is this?

Noah Legel allowed us to share his latest Makiwara video. Thank you, Noah! In opposite to many other Karateka, Noah applies a combination on the Makiwara. We highly encourage you to do that. This is […]


Mikio Yahara: The Leopard in Russia! Must See

Mikio Yahara is among the few living Shotokan legends. He is a true and very dynamic fighter. In Russia, he displayed his skills and his extraordinary style to an interested audience. Let yourself become inspired […]


The Leopard: Mikio Yahara of the KWF

There have been many very dynamic Shotokan Karatekas. Shihan Tetsuhiko Asai is by far the most famous. Today, we would like to introduce you to Shihan Mikio Yahara, chief instructor of the KWF.   His […]