Is Shotokan effective?

Is Shotokan Karate Effective? About The Effectiveness Paranoia

The effectiveness of Shotokan karate as self-defense has caused plenty of discussions in the last decade. But is effectiveness even important? Are we paranoid when it come to effectiveness? By Jonas Correia A few weeks […]


Shotokan Karate as Royal Education

By Nicholas Kurian and Dr. Christian Tribowski A “Royal Education” has ancient origins. However, it has modern applications; it can generate exceptional leaders. Shotokan karate can be a royal education. We describe in this article […]


Money in Shotokan Karate: Insights into a Difficult Relationship

By Dr. Christian Tribowski Money in Shotokan karate has been causing many discussions. Observers have accused associations, instructors, and dojos of exploiting the art of Shotokan to become rich. They also associated the foundation of […]

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The Shotokan Times proudly announces its support for UNICEF. From today onward, it is going to donate 1 Euro for every item it sells in its newly opened shop to the United Nations Children’s Fund. […]

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