Shotokan Karate as Royal Education

By Nicholas Kurian and Dr. Christian Tribowski A “Royal Education” has ancient origins. However, it has modern applications; it can generate exceptional leaders. Shotokan karate can be a royal education. We describe in this article […]


Masatoshi Nakayama: The CEO of Shotokan Karate

By Patrick Donkor and Dr. Christian Tribowski Masatoshi Nakayama was a unique personality in many regards. However, no person has done more to expand Shotokan karate around the the World than him. As a long time […]


What is Zanshin? – The State of A Fighting Mind

By Thomas D. McKinnon What does Zanshin mean? Literally translated, zanshin means ‘left over or remaining heart /spirit/mind’. However, for the dedicated karateka, it means the state of total awareness. Being still within, while aware […]


Makiwara Monday: The Samurai!

Shihan Masahiko Tanaka has become famous for his strength and fighting spirit. Both brought him the nickname “The Samurai”. The following Makiwara video gives you a glimpse how he became the fighter he was: stoic […]