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Makiwara Monday: Board Breaking with Ippei Kamae

Board Breaking at its best. Who ever questioned the reward of makiwara training should be invited to watch the following video by Ippei Kamae. Ippei is a makiwara enthusiast and trains regularly on it. This constant training has given him huge punching power combined with tough nucles.

As a result, he to break wooden board poses no challenge for him. To test his strength he accepted the challenge in the Aoyama Karate Club to break two thick wooden boards during training a few weeks ago. The thickness was judged by his cat, named Oss.

Oss judges the board, Ippei Kamae is about to break.
Oss judges the thickness of the wooden boards. “Thick enough”, he commented.

As you can see in the video, Ippei Kamae has no difficulties to break the two boards. After a brief preparation and positioning, he goes strait to the punch. Two karateka had to hold the boards so that he could break them. He punched from a very relaxed posture with a smooth gyaku-zuki. Without much force the punch hits the target with high efficiency and accuracy. His constant makiwara training has, therefore, resulted in an excellent punching technique and power.

Congratulstions, Ippei!