Shinji Akita in Malta

Shinji Akita in Malta: A Seminar Report

By Luke Rocco Between October 18 and 20, 2019, Shotokan Karate-do Association Malta hosted world-renowned Shinji Akita Sensei, 6th Dan, to lead a training seminar for the first time in Malta. Amongst the 100 Maltese […]


Women of Shotokan: Miki Nakamachi

By Dr. Christian Tribowski The spirit of Shotokan Karate Do leads to an attitude of budo and a splendid posture. Miki Nakamachi has both and teaches both in an admirable way. Although she has suffered […]


Akita Sensei at the Takudai Seminar 2018

Among the instructors of the Takudai Seminar 2018 was with Sensei Shinji Akita another world famous graduate of the Takushoku University. In his first lecture, he focused on posture and body position. They are necessary […]