Makiwara Monday

Hirokazu Kanazawa: The Life of A Shotokan Legend

By Patrick Donkor and Dr. Christian Tribowski For many Shotokan karateka Hirokazu Kanazawa is a living legend. His supporters place him behind Gichin Funakoshi and Masatoshi Nakayama in the hierarchy of the martial arts. However, […]

Addison and Eleanor with a strong focus on Hikite!
Tekki Shodan belongs to the foundation of Karate katas. Its purpose was to prepare Karateka for real-life conflicts.

Tekki Shodan: Okinawa Strikes Back

Tekki Shodan belongs to the Shotokan katas with the most commonalities with Okinawa katas. First of all, this does not come as a surprise. Because Karate was developed in Okinawa. Therefore, all Shotokan katas share […]


The origin of Karate

So Karate means “Empty Hand”. At least today it does. But that was not always the case. How come that experienced practitioners start using Kobudo weapons as well? Not so empty handed any more. Well, […]


Makiwara Monday: Classic!

The Makiwara is a very classical training tool that has already been utilized by the early Okinawa masters. Its development is an exciting part of Karate history. In order to make the study of the […]

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Taiji Kase and Tekki Sandan

Some say, tekki katas were the foundation of karate as it was taught in Okinawa. In any case, their motions indicate a close range defense situation, which requires fast and strong arm techniques as well […]