Devastating: Sen No Sen Mae Geri

Sen no sen has a devastating effect – when it works. The reason is that the forward momentum of the attacker adds to the forward movement of the defender. Both movements combined create a level […]


Makiwara Monday: Mae Geri!!!

Kristian Sundvor from the JKA Norway allowed us to share his very nice Makiwara video, where he executes a Mae Geri drill. We think, Keris are too seldomly trained at the Makiwara. Therefore, we want […]


Akita Sensei at the Takudai Seminar 2018

Among the instructors of the Takudai Seminar 2018 was with Sensei Shinji Akita another world famous graduate of the Takushoku University. In his first lecture, he focused on posture and body position. They are necessary […]

No Picture

Master Funakoshi and Kumite

Master Funakoshi had a very pacifistic attitude towards life in general and karate especially. According to rumors, Gigo Funakoshi, his son and also an excellent Karateka, brought kumite into Shotokan. No wonder that pictures, where […]