Makiwara Monday

Makiwara Monday: Pure Elegance

We already had an incredible video of Aidos Underbayev in our Makiwara Monday section. Aidos has an excellent style. His hip ritation an technique is splendid. Efficient, smooth, straight forward – to put it simple: […]

Makiwara Monday

Makiwara Monday: Kristian Sundvor in Action

Kristian Sundvor shows us his Makiwara routine today. His strong legs and hip-rotation generate a lot of power. He depicts a great example for the importance of lower-body conditioning. What us your opinion? What are […]

Makiwara Monday

Makiwara Monday: The hip rotation is key!

Our friend, Aidos Underbayev from Kazakhstan, has sent us an excellent Makiwara Monday video. It displays the importance of hip rotation. As you can see, Aidos places a lot of emphasis on an initiating hip […]