Gichin Funakoshi was the founder of Shotokan Karate Do. He coined the Shotokan Karate Philosophy in a pacifistic way.

Gichin Funakoshi: The Effects of the Wrong Translation of his Biography

The Importance of Gichin Funakoshi´s Autobiography for Shotokan Karate Today’s convictions about Shotokan Karate are predominantly based on karate literature. Gichin Funakoshi´s autobiography (1868–1957) has become one of the most popular and influentially books for […]


In Memoriam: A Best of Grandmaster Gichin Funakoshi

Today, marks the 62nd anniversary of grandmaster Gichin Funakoshi´s death († April 26, 1957). The Shotokan Times remembers him with a best of the Founder of Shotokan. We tried to find some good videos and […]

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40th Anniversary of Shin Gi Tai Karate-Do Aarau Switzerland

On December first the Shin Gi Tai Karate-do Aarau celebrated its 40th anniversary with a weekend course led by Kanazawa Kancho, Koga Shihan, and Aarau’s chief instructor and founder, Racca Sensei, and a roaring celebration […]

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Taiji Kase and Tekki Sandan

Some say, tekki katas were the foundation of karate as it was taught in Okinawa. In any case, their motions indicate a close range defense situation, which requires fast and strong arm techniques as well […]