Shotokan Karate Philosophy – Diverse and Confusing

By Dr. Christian Tribowski Have you ever found yourself in a deep discussion about Shotokan Karate Philosophy? Have you ever felt torn apart between different aspects of Shotokan like bushido on the one hand and […]


Rodrigo Rojas: Disputed Funakoshi Cup Champion

By Dr. Christian Tribowski First non-Japanese Victory since 1998 In 2017, the ground shook. The earthquake of that day changed the landscape of traditional Shotokan Karate for the next decade. Rodrigo Rojas from Chile broke […]

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Master Funakoshi and Kumite

Master Funakoshi had a very pacifistic attitude towards life in general and karate especially. According to rumors, Gigo Funakoshi, his son and also an excellent Karateka, brought kumite into Shotokan. No wonder that pictures, where […]