Hirokazu Kanazawa: The Life of A Shotokan Legend

By Patrick Donkor and Dr. Christian Tribowski For many Shotokan karateka Hirokazu Kanazawa is a living legend. His supporters place him behind Gichin Funakoshi and Masatoshi Nakayama in the hierarchy of the martial arts. However, […]

Andre Bertel confessed in a recent blogpost that his hardest Dan examination was godan. He also understand Karate as self-defense.

Karate as Self-defense: Andre Bertel’s Shotokan

By Dr. Christian Tribowski We admit: We like Andre Bertel´s style of Karate. His refreshing understanding of Shotokan Karate as self-defense and its application to real fighting situations deserve more attention. Real Fights are Different […]

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The Shotokan Times Supports UNICEF

The Shotokan Times proudly announces its support for UNICEF. From today onward, it is going to donate 1 Euro for every item it sells in its newly opened shop to the United Nations Children’s Fund. […]

Taiji Kase

Taiji Kase: 9 Fascinating Facts About His Life

By Patrick Donkor and Dr. Christian Tribowski Taiji Kase lived a life of a libertine. Like no other, he chose his way of Karate dependent on his own interests and convictions. Younger generations might know […]


Master of the Masters: Katsunori Tsuyama

By Dr. Christian Tribowski Have you ever thought about who the master of Shotokan masters might be? Who trains or has trained, for instance, Tatsuya Naka? The answer is: Katsunori Tsuyama. Although he is widely […]