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Who got Promoted in the JKA? The Official List

The JKA held its annual Spring Camp on April 11 to 14, 2019. During the event, the official award ceremony for the promotion of higher Dan ranks took place. We reported about the promotion of a 10th Dan to Ueki Masaaki.

Beside Ueki Masaaki several other instructors were promoted. Due to fact that the names of the awardees were not announced publicly we inquired at the JKA HQ and received the following list from the press office. The Shihankai Meeting on February 16, 2018 decided to award:

10th Dan

  • Ueki Masaaki

9th Dan

  • Sakai Ryusuke
  • Kano Tadahiko
  • Koyama Shojiro

8th Dan

  • Kawasaki Isao
  • Mera Junichi
  • Machida Yoshizo
  • Inoue Mitsuo
  • Kawazoe Masao
  • Aoki Osamu
  • Ogura Yasunori

Congratulations to all awardees, oss!