Masao Kagawa: The Competitor and Teacher

Masao Kagawa belongs to the most prominent Shotokan karate instructors of today. Two things made this prominence possible: Firstly, his media presents. A myriad of explanatory videos on YouTube and Facebook have introduced him to […]

Ayano Nakamura is the new queen of Kata and a amazing Karateka

Ayano Nakamura: The New Queen of Kata

By Dr. Christian Tribowski Karate starts and ends with courtesy. It´s important to observe courtesy and compassion in your heart. Ayano Nakamura On the first glimpse, Ayano Nakamura appears to be an average twenty-something Japanese […]

Ueda Daisuke applies Sen no sen and intercepts the Kizami-Zuki of his opponent.

Women of Shotokan: Miki Nakamachi

By Dr. Christian Tribowski The spirit of Shotokan Karate Do leads to an attitude of budo and a splendid posture. Miki Nakamachi has both and teaches both in an admirable way. Although she has suffered […]