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“The Center of Gravity”: Interview with Hirokazu Kanazawa

Hirokazu Kanazawa

“The Center of Gravity” is the title of a very rare Interview with Hirokazu Kanazawa. Right from the beginning the viewer gets the feeling to be very close to someone and to attend a once in a life-time event. In 2012, the youtube channel Adeyto Industries run by french but Japan-based artist Adeyto Rex Angeli published an extraordinary interview with legendary Hirokazu Kanazawa. It comprises four parts that give a very close, precious, and unique look into the life and thoughts of the greatest living Shotokan legend.

Content of the Interview with Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa

In this first three parts Soke Kanazawa talks about his early years as a student at Takushoku University, his win of the national championship with a broken hand, breaking boars, his time as an young instructor in Hawaii an Europe as well as about challengers, who wanted to fight him and test his strength.

The 4th part deals with his understanding of Shotokan and the insights he has gained as a Shotokan-teacher. For him Karate is “a center of gravity” around which his live revolves. After 40 years of traveling the world he has learnt that the earth is is a tiny place. “The entire world is a family. Countries fighting each-other is a saddening nonsense.” Oss!

Part 1 Interview with Hirokazu Kanazawa

Part 2 Interview with Hirokazu Kanazawa

Part 3 Interview with Hirokazu Kanazawa

Part 4 Interview with Hirokazu Kanazawa

Picture by Jim Palmer – Oss!