What is Kata? Kata (型) means “form”. Kata simulates a fighting situations against several imaginary opponents. The fight, however, is stylized. That means: All techniques applied are formalized and not executed in a jiyu-kamae (free) […]


Kihon (基本) means “basics” or “fundamentals. It describes a mod of practice which focuses on the teaching of the foundational principles and techniques of Shotokan. At the center of kihon stands the right execution of […]

Kihon Ippon Kumite

Kihon ippon kumite (基本一本組み手) means basic (kihon) kumite with the focus on one attack and an immediate block and counter. In gohon and sanbon kumite a sequence of forward and backward steps becomes executed. Kihon […]


Kime (決め) means “to decide”, “focus of power”, or “to finish”. It refers to the intentional sudden tension of body in the final moment of a technique. Kime aims on the transmission of ones own […]


Kokyu (呼吸) means “breathing in and out”. Breathing supports or initiates every movement in Shotokan. Its importance results from the internal pneumatic pressure it generates. This pressure effects the activity of other muscle regions. It […]


Kumite (組手) means “grappling hands”. In this training form, students learn to fight against one or more attackers. It becomes increasingly complex as experienced the students be. The most simple form is gohon kumite (5 […]