HIME – Karate Gi for Women – Momoko


“Hime” () means princess in Japanese. This Karate Gi is tailored just for women.


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HIME – Karate Gi for Women – Momoko

“Hime” () means princess in Japanese. This Karate Gi is tailored just for women. Many years of experience and positive feedback from our female customers make this suit stand out as a classic of the Yuki-Gis.

Due to the light 10 oz fabric the suit is very popular especially in summer. However, you can train with it elegantly throughout the year because in winter the halls are heated.

The label shines in a new color combination. The waist of the jacket aesthetically brings out the silhouette of the woman.

A fine chest band closes the jacket and thus prevents both sides from falling apart, especially with high arm techniques. As a refined detail you have a hidden pocket on the inside of the jacket, to place a handkerchief or other small things that you like to carry with you during breaks.

The pants have a comfortable elastic waistband. So never worry again about your weight.

The Hime is a light and comfortable Yuki-Gi, for you a good entry into the world of women’s karate!

Facts about HIME – Karate Gi for Women:

  • Karate Gi designed for women
  • Fitted cut
  • Chest strap
  • Invisible inside pocket
  • Pants with comfortable elastic band or lacing available
  • Highest quality all-round karate uniform for Karatekas with the highest expectations.
  • Modern cut inspired by Japanese master´s
  • 100% Cotton
  • Robust but soft material
  • Special saforisation treatment for better feeling on skin
  • Preshrink
  • 10oz

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150cm, 160m, 170cm, 180cm, 190cm


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