DO T-SHIRT – Unisex – Dark Red


DO (道 ) means “way” or “Journey”. Our t-shirt comes with a stylish Do-Kanji. This t-shirt is dark red and for men.



DO T-SHIRT- Unisex – Dark Red

No Budo art without the “Do” (道, the way, the journey, the teachings). This concept is essential for our understanding Karate-do, but also other Japanese martial arts.

The t-shirt comes with a stylish Do-Kanji replicated from an original Japanese calligraphy.

This t-shirt is dark red and unisex.

Special Facts about Do T-Shirt – Unisex – Dark Red

  • Stylish DO-Kanji
  • Shirt made from 100% sustainably produced organic cotton
  • High quality transfer printing


Additional information

Size T-Shirt

XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL


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