Guidelines for Submission

We warmly welcome every author! Thank you for considering submitting an article to The Dojo.

Following we list some guidelines for authors and contributors. The Dojo works in the best interest of its readers. The guidelines serve to maintain a high standard of quality of our publications.

Mimimum Requirements

  • Every submission must have at least 600 words.
  • Every text must deal with a general topic of general interest.
  • Every text should have a topic that is narrow enough that it is of interest of readers.
  • Every text needs a strong claim/hypothesis.
  • Every claim needs arguments and evidence to prove it.

Obligations of Authors and Contributors

Work as thorough as possible, comply to the following guidelines, and work in the best interest of readers. Reliability, validity, and objectivity are paramount. If you express your own opinion make this clear.

Be Clear

Avoid esoteric or quasi-legal terms and dumbed-down language. Be plain, direct, unambiguous, and specific. Avoid platitudes and generalities. Do not invent new words.

Clear Topic and Focus

A good article is characterized by a clear topic that it seeks to present or to discuss. It begins with a brief presentation of the topic and why it is important to the readers. It ends with a conclusion and/or outlook. Only with a clear topic an article will find its readership.

Understand your topic selection as a research process. If the scope of your topic is to wide, you wont come to an conclusion. Your topic needs more focus then. Is it to narrow it might be derive to banalities or is too specific for most readers.

Check out this video about how to find your topic!

Be as Concise as Possible – But no More Concise

Verbosity is not a reliable defense against misinterpretation. Omit needless words. Direct, concise writing may be more clear than rambling examples. Footnotes and links to other pages and/or books may be used for further clarification.

Maintain Scope and Avoid Redundancy

Clearly identify the purpose and scope early in the page, as many readers will just look at the beginning. Content should be within the scope of its policy. When the scope of one advice page overlaps with the scope of another, minimize redundancy. When one policy refers to another policy, it should do so briefly, clearly and explicitly.

The picture shows Karate-Gis by SaikoSports, Taisei, and Momoko in the The Dojo Shop.

Provide sources

Source must be provided if the information, arguments, or hypotheses are not common knowledge. They can be provided in three ways:

  • “Harvard style”, which is an in-text citation like (James 1989);
  • Linking to sources;
  • References at the bottom of the text.

Avoid Overlinking

Links to policies, guidelines, essays, and articles should be used only when clarification or context is needed. Links to other advice pages may inadvertently or intentionally defer authority to them. Make it clear when links defer, and when they do not.

Be Respectful and Constructive – Always

Respect is the major source of collaboration. Collaboration is the foundation of achieving things bigger than oneself. And it is just the right thing to do. Do not attack or harshly criticize other authors, schools, ideas, association etc. for their contribution or opinions. Nobody knows everything. We all do mistakes.

Keep SEO in Mind

Some things to consider:

  • Use subheadings at least every 300 words;
  • Paragraphs should be no longer than 150 words;
  • 80% of the sentences should have less than 20 words.

Choose the Right Keywords

Write your article along a specific keyword, which is also your topic. Do not focus on more then three keywords. List them below your article so that we can easily identify what your article is about.

Keywords are also important for SEO. Good keywords with a high serach volume will determine the long-term success and interest of readers about your article.

These guidelines are subject to further changes. The Dojo editorial office will alter them or it will add further paragraphs if necessary.

Contact for Submission

If you are interested in publishing an article please send an email to:

The picture shows a Karate-Gi by Taisei in the The Dojo Shop.