The picture shows the Dojo Finder.

Dojo Finder

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Are you looking for a Karate Dojo near you?

Are you visiting or moving to a new city and want to know which Karate Dojos are around you?

Do you want to know the exact address, website, email address, affiliation, style, and contact person of a Karate Dojo?

Then use the Dojo Finder provided by The Dojo to find the right Karate Dojo!

Every Karate Dojo is invited to register in the Dojo Finder. The registration is free of charge and takes less than 5 minutes. After receiving a approval email we will review your registration, which can take a few days. Then we want to avoid spam and wrong information. That is the reason why we check every registration by hand.

Join the global Karate community and register your Dojo in our Dojo Finder!

For registration and more information please read the FAQ below.


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To become listed in the Dojo Finder you allow The Shotokan Times to send you our newsletter and contact you by email about updates, latest news, and to control that a Dojo really exists. Your data and information are protected by German privacy law and wont be give to third parties.

You can unsubscribe from the Dojo Finder at any time by clicking the link in the footer of our emails. For information about our privacy practices, please visit our Privacy Policy on our website.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a Karate Dojo near me?

Go to the Dojo Finder map and write in the search field your city and press search. The Dojo Finder will locate your city and will show you all Dojos which are registered in your city and around. Use the + and – buttons to zoom in and out of the map.

The picture shows Karate-Gis by SaikoSports, Taisei, and Momoko in the The Dojo Shop.

Is the Dojo Finder free of charge for Dojos?


Is the Dojo Finder free of charge for searchers?


Will the Dojo Finder stay for free?


Will you give or sell information/data added to the Dojo Finder to third parties?

No. Like every service of The Shotokan Times the Dojo Finder is subject to German Digital Privacy Laws (DSGVO). Therefore, we will keep your information/data absolute private and do not give them to third parties. Please visit our Privacy Policy.

Who can register to the Dojo Finder?

Every Karate Dojo from every style and association is invited to subscribe.

My Dojo does not belong to an association. Can I subscribe?

Yes. Please write “no affiliation” instead.

Can somebody else register our/my Dojo to the Dojo Finder?

No. The Dojo itself, for instance, the head, contact person, or any other official must subscribe with the official dojo email address they want to be displayed in the Dojo Finder. This is part of our privacy policy. If a Dojo does not want to be listed and appear in the Dojo Finder then we will keep it out. Therefore, third party subscriptions are not possible.

Please consider our double opt-in process. You will receive an

The picture shows a Karate-Gi by Taisei in the The Dojo Shop.

How long does it take until my Dojo appears in the Dojo Finder?

To prevent third party subscription and spam we will always conduct a quality control before we update the map. This can take 1 to 3 days depending on the amount of new subscriptions.

How can I unregister my Dojo from the Dojo Finder?

In every email and newsletter we send you we have an unsubscribe link for you. Please use this link and with the next update we will remove your Dojo.

Can I unregister from the email list and newsletter and still be part of the Dojo Finder?

No. The email list and newsletter also work as a means of quality control. If our system cannot deliver our emails to your email address it will clean your email address from the list and eventually from the Dojo Finder. Through this approach we guarantee that the Dojo Finder is always up to date.

My Dojo does not appear in the Dojo Finder. Why?

Please consider the following options:

  • Have you confirmed the double opt-in email our system sent you?
  • Have you inserted your exact url as website as it is displayed in the browser? Copy and past it please.
  • Have you used the official Dojo email address for your subscription?
  • Have you filled out all required fields?
  • Is your subscription less then 3 days ago? Then we ask you for some patience please!

Can I search for more than for cities?

Not yet. We are working on further search queries.