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40th Anniversary of Shin Gi Tai Karate-Do Aarau Switzerland

On December first the Shin Gi Tai Karate-do Aarau celebrated its 40th anniversary with a weekend course led by Kanazawa Kancho, Koga Shihan, and Aarau’s chief instructor and founder, Racca Sensei, and a roaring celebration […]


New Website of Sensei Shinji Akita Launched

Sensei Shinja Akita, Chief instructor of the Shotokan Karate-Do Alliance International e.V., has launched his new website. Have a look and stay informed about his seminars, workshops, and travels around the globe. And have a […]


Rodrigo Rojas: Disputed Funakoshi Cup Champion

By Dr. Christian Tribowski First non-Japanese Victory since 1998 In 2017, the ground shook. The earthquake of that day changed the landscape of traditional Shotokan Karate for the next decade. Rodrigo Rojas from Chile broke […]


Shihan Murakami in Kazakhstan

SKIF Kazakhstan sent us this lovely picture today from a seminar with Shihan Manabu Murakami from the SKIF Honbu Dojo in Tokyo from April 2017.We hope they will have more seminar soon. Feel free to […]


Takudai 2018: Murakami teaching Kata I

Shihan Manabu Murakami is known as a very elegant, swift, and quick fighter. He is a two times SKIF Kumite World Champion. Beside that he is an excellent teacher with amazing technical and didactic skills. […]