Women of Shotokan

Hiromi Hishiki – Women of Shotokan

Hiromi Hishiki is an extraordinary Karateka in many respects. She started her training under Masatoshi Nakayama and Tetsuhik Asai. The unprecedented spirit of this time coined her whole later life. Hiromi Hishiki belongs to the […]

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Seminar with Andre Bertel in Germany
What Karate can teach us! Shinji Akita during a seminar in Malta
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Makiwara Monday

Makiwara Monday: Uraken

Ippei Kamae loves makiwara training. According to himself he does everyday 1,000 punches on the wooden board when he trains at the JKA Honbu Dojo. Witnesses from abroad have confirmed that. In this video he […]


What does Kata mean to you?

What does Kata mean to you? Many karate practitioners interpret it in different ways. This article will attempt to bring some clarity and explain how a Karate-ka can benefit from performing kata. By Derick Kirkham […]