Pictures of the Takudai Seminar 2018 in Munich – Part 10

Advertisement: Tokaido Japanese Karate Gi, TSA (Yakudo) Tokaido Made in Japan Gi / TSA – Yakudo Kata Model / 12oz – 100% Premium Cotton   Advertisment: JKA Masters of the 60’s. Collectors Edition. “An extremely […]


Kakegoe and Kiai

Difference between Kakegoe and Kiai Kakegoe is the voice yelling without a kimewaza. There are a lot of ways to use Kakegoe i.e. to threaten the opponent or to cheer up your spirit. There are […]


Karatedo and etiquette

What we don’t have to forget in daily life and training. What is Rei? “Rei” means “bow” or more broadly “proper manners” and ultimately “respect for others.” Rei is not only pertinent to karatedo but […]

No Picture

40th Anniversary of Shin Gi Tai Karate-Do Aarau Switzerland

On December first the Shin Gi Tai Karate-do Aarau celebrated its 40th anniversary with a weekend course led by Kanazawa Kancho, Koga Shihan, and Aarau’s chief instructor and founder, Racca Sensei, and a roaring celebration […]


Pearl of wisdom

Don’t we love all the intellectual and mythic comments of our Japanese Karate Sensei? 技とは無から生ずる瞬間的和の芸術 Waza towa Mu kara shozuru shunkanteki Wa no Geijutsu A Waza is a Harmony of Art arising instantaneously from Nothingness […]