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Our Media Kit

The Dojo offers a comprehensive media kit for all. It comprises 3 main marketing channels:

  1. A weekly newsletter
  2. An Instagram Channel with round about 2.186 subscribers;
  3. Flagship Articles on The Dojo, in which versatile advertisement slots are available.

Do you want to advertise a Karate, Martial Arts, or Japan related event, product, or service? Then get in touch with us through the contact formula at the bottom!

Flagship Articles – Main Channel

Our main marketing channel is our flagship articles. We offer three advertisement zones within our articles.

The Growing Audience You Want

We were launched in November 2018. In February 2019, our infrastructure was full established and we began our work. Since February, we attracted 49.420 users and gained 107,290 pages views (date June 20, 2019). We attracted 22.000 pages views on a monthly average. But we are still growing.

Our aim has been to bring the global Karate community together on one platform. We have reached this goal. The coverage of countries by The Dojo lies at 95%.

The continents with the most readers were North America and Europe.

9 Reasons Why You Should Advertise With Us

  1. We offer a variety of marketing channels into the Karate community
  2. We have global audience of Karateka
  3. We offer a diversified media kit to address different advertisement needs
  4. We offer individualized media packages
  5. We have a strong Karate brand
  6. We have a high number of monthly pv (+20.000) and visitors (+10.000)
  7. We are fast and constantly growing our audience
  8. Our team has excellent media and newspaper experience
  9. We are better than Facebook

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