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Dojo Finder Launched

The picture shows the Dojo Yamato which has already subscribed to the Dojo Finder.

The Dojo Finder by The Shotokan Times has officially been launched. Read in this article how the application works and how you can subscribe your Dojo for free to it.

Are you looking for a Dojo near you? Are you visiting or moving to a new city and want to know which Dojos are around you? Do you want to know the exact address, website, email address, affiliation, style, and contact person of a Dojo? Then use the Dojo Finder by The Shotokan Times to find the right Karate Dojo!

The Motivation behind the Dojo Finder

Since the start of The Shotokan Times plenty of Karateka have approach us with the same question: Do you know a Dojo in New York City, Barcelona, Bangkok or in Tokyo? Sometimes we had an answer. But unfortunately most of the times we did not. Even google was helpless and delivered the answers our readers looked for.

That was the reason why we started to develop the Dojo Finder together with the startup loloco from Cologne, Germany. The development process took almost three month, while the first designs already began in January 2020.

The development team focused to deliver two specific services. On the one had, the browser-based app offers Dojos from all karate styles and associations an opportunity to make their Dojo visible to the public, so that it can easily be found by others. On the other hand, it gives Karateka and people interested in Dojos the opportunity, to search for them on the Dojo Finder map and based on cities. Through this approach the app makes the global Dojo landscape transparent.

Dojo Finder: Handy and Free of Charge

“The system is very easy and handy!” says Malte Hendricks, co-founder and managing director of loloco. “We focused on a lean and simple user experience, while we developed the app. Dojos must easyily subscribe and unsubscribe to the Dojo Finder.”

Dr. Christian Tribowski, managing director and chief editor of The Shotokan Times, could not agree more: “loloco has done a fantastic job and the Dojo Finder will increase the offer of information to our readers, Karatekas and Dojos tremendously.”

“The Dojo Finder will be free of charge!” affirmed Dr. Tribowski. The app should serve the global Karate community. Thus, The Shotokan Times will also not sell collected information or data about the Dojos to third parties. Dr. Tribowski stressed this point: “We are based in Germany, which has very strict privacy laws. Therefore, no Dojo must worry about its data and privacy protection.”

How does the Dojo Finder work?

Dojos can easily subscribe to the Dojo Finder through the form below the map. As more Dojos subscribe as more detailed the map becomes.

The picture shows Karate-Gis by SaikoSports, Taisei, and Momoko in the The Dojo Shop.

Dojos only need their official Dojo email address to confirm their subscription through a double opt-in process. This step will prevent that other people intentionally add Dojos to the system, which do not want to become part of the Dojo Finder. It also prevents spam and bots to enter the Dojo Finder.

The picture shows the Dojo Yamato which has already subscribed to the Dojo Finder.
The picture shows the Dojo Yamato which has already subscribed to the Dojo Finder.

After another quality control step the map will be updated every 1 to 3 days. Everybody can then search for Dojos by tipping a city name in the query field and scroll on the map. We are working on further search queries like for Dojo names, styles, associations, countries, states, and addresses. When the these are available we will inform you.

To answer the most urgent questions upfront we have set up a detailed FQA section below the sign up form for you.

Dojo Finder only the First Step

In addition to the Dojo Finder we will launch further projects we have worked on the last few month. Beside a new website the team behind The Shotokan Times will also offer you more products in its shop. Another application is also on its way. Stay tuned! Oss

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