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Masao Kagawa beating Student with Shinai (Video)

The picture shows Masao Kagawa. In the 1990´s he bet students during training with a Kendo Shinai.

Masao Kagawa is one of the greatest and most prominent Shotokan karate instructors worldwide. However, a video has appeared on the internet that shows Masao Kagawa heavily beating one of his student with a kendo shinai during training in the 1990´s. According to the video description the training took place at Teikyo University karate club.

The video shows Masao Kagawa during a training session at Teikyo University in the 1990`s. In the video he beats the student multiple times with a Kendo Shinai.

9 thoughts on “Masao Kagawa beating Student with Shinai (Video)

  1. don’t know who to address my comment to as the author of this expose’ article has failed to include their name.

    1. You can address it to the chief editor, Dr. Christian Tribowski.

  2. You can’t be serious, having trained in the 60’s and 70’s with Sensei Okazaki and his assistant Sensei Kisaka it was common practice to get smacked by a Shinai by Kisaka. It is loud but not painful, it does however get your attention and those karateka beside you. Not sure what you are looking to say about Sensei Kagawa but in my humble opinion he is instilling spirit and discipline in his students which many of our schools lack, we have become soft.

  3. As a student of a different style while in a different country I can only say that I’ve been hit like this. It’s loud and focuses your attention, and yes, stings a little but we’re not learning crochet here. That did not appear abusive or vicious to me. As someone who is also a nidan in kendo and has been hit on skin by shinai many times, those strikes are more sound and fury than actual pain or especially abuse. Again, I don’t want to disregard that individual student’s experience, but in my experience this is nothing. And I bet if you asked the student, he’d say the same.

    As far as the question of toxic culture, I’d suggest “no”. Some individual bad actors may get out of hand but that is on them. Correct them and try to ensure that sempai know the boundaries. But this is not evidence of a widespread toxic culture IMO.

  4. Dit is zeer normaal, er is niets mis met een klap krijgen van dit ongevaarlijk stukske hout, het maakt enkel veel geluid, en het werkt motiverend. Ikzelf heb er ook al van mogen proeven. Ik moet zeggen dat er geweldig goed gecontroleerd werd tijdens de training. 30 jaar geleden was het helemaal anders.

  5. […] incident stands in strong correlation with a video of Masao Kagawa using a Shinai against a student for corporal punishment in Teikyo University …. The video appeared on Youtube and claims to be recorded in the 1990`s. It shows Masao Kagawa who […]

  6. Not uncommon in the small town dojo in Canada that I started my martial journey in. You could expect a nice whack on the back of the legs with a shinai if your stances weren’t low enough. For myself, this was the mid 80’s. Really not a big deal. It sure helped you focus. That’s old school karate.

  7. Really , the shinai sounds worse than it really is. Tried using one when I first started teaching karate but learned that I lost students . So the bamboo sword was put in the closet!

    Later when a teacher of my younger son called to complain about his behavior; it was brought out of retirement. With the phone in one hand and the shinai in the other I proceeded to enact a bit of punishment. With the younger son yelling his head off and the sounds of the bamboo sword , I was never called by his teacher again .

    A few years ago I gave the sword to the younger son who has been blessed with two sons of his own .

  8. I’ll be direct this is cancel culture at its worse and look who the Japanese national team replaced Kagawa with….. a Sandan poster girl with competitive success in kata and no where near Kagawa’s level of knowledge or ability . I’ve trained with these students in the video in 1990. Alongside was Sensei Naka . A shinai was used and I witnessed it . I was nothing compared to the intensity of training and only a select few british karateka were allowed to compete in a Kumite session with them . We more then dealt with them and Kagawa earned our respect . He is a great man and not abusive in anyway . No one was badly hurt by him ever . It is not abuse but training the spirit , the will to persist and keep going in hard physically demanding training . The fact is today’s karateka want medals , glory and internet fame, but internally they are weak and that will come back to haunt them in life . They won’t deal with tragedy and the pain of loss the same as those who forged their character and will to keep going no matter what happens . I feel genuinely sorry for them as they’ve missed the true essence of karate as funakoshi said . It’s to develop the character of the participants. It’s not just about waving your arms and legs around. In a pretty fashion .

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