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Support Board: Karateka help Karateka in Times of Corona

The picture shows Okuma Sensei with a some participating karateka of the seminar.

The Corona virus has spread over the whole globe. Many people are directly and indirectly affected. Some countries have been hit very hard by the virus. Other countries enforce strict measure on their citizens like social distancing etc.

Karateka also Affected by Corona

Among the victims are also karateka. Some have been infected by Corona virus. Others have already lost family members, friends, colleagues, and dojo members and friends to the disease. Some have or might lose their job because the economy in their country has also been shut down. Others might lose their dojo because students cannot come to classes due to the curfew but they still have to pay rent etc. And most of us many of us must stay at home in isolation and cannot join most favorite group activity: Karate keiko in a dojo.

Support Board – Karateka Help Each Other

Therefore, we want to organize some help. Because karatekas worldwide are one big solidary community and we support each other in times of crisis.

Below in the comment section (NOT IN THE FACEBOOK COMMENT SECTION) we offer you a Support Board. If you need something or want to give something, just post it with your name and email address and the conditions to receive it. You can post everything from chicken soup, toilet paper, money donations, legal advise or just a nice chat via Skype or Hangouts.

We will have an eye on the post so that no shady stuff gets offered or requested. Thus, it will take a bit for a post to become approved.

Home Dojo: Best Online Karate Lessons and Videos

In the meantime, everyone, who has to stay at home due to curfews and shut downs, might find some pleasure in a good online karate lesson and videos how to set up your home dojo or something similar. Please, post your favorite and most inspirational lessons or videos in the comment section below, too, so, that others can get a little bit distracted from Corona and stay fit and healthy. We will all collect them and put them in one post later.

We begin with three videos/channels we deem as valuable.

John Ngai Teaching Karate Online to Children

John is the head of SKIF South China. Thus, he was confronted much earlier with the ramifications of the Corona virus. However, he took the initiative and organized karate online courses for children. Here some footage. Let yourself become inspired.

JKA News: Exercises You can do Alone

On their Facebook news channel the JKA offer some technical explanatory videos to bridge the time until we all can go back to the dojo. Great service: English subtitles.

The picture shows Karate-Gis by SaikoSports, Taisei, and Momoko in the The Dojo Shop.

Jeff Christian: The Quarantine Home Dojo

Our senior editor, Dr. Jeff Christian, has turned his Instagram Channel into a window to his quarantine home dojo. Like many Jeff strictly follows the social distancing rules. However, he also likes to train. Therefore, he uses his garage as a dojo and conducts several karate and yoga exercises. Let yourself become inspire. You can also have your home dojo!

Feel free to post more videos, requests and offerings in the comment section. We will all go through this together and nobody will be left alone. Oss!

1 thought on “Support Board: Karateka help Karateka in Times of Corona

  1. As an emergency manager and Budoka, I can offer advice or listen to concerns from students or colleagues. I do not have a dojo but have offered guidance to students who needed input or an ear to listen. 

    If you feel I can be an asset to your board, I am located in Flushing, Queens, NY

    Please advise if you need anything further. 

    Your friend and colleague in Budo


    Kyoshi Carlos Varon

    International Seito Kenjukukai Association Shihankai Board 

    C: 718-374-1926

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