All Our Videos on Our YouTube Channel – subscribe now!

The pictures shows the YouTube channel of The Shotokan Times. All videos can now been watched on this channel.

Find all our Shotokan videos on our YouTube channel now. The latest Makiwara Monday and Women of Shotokan videos are available as well as other footage from competitions, tutorials etc. are available.

We will constantly improve the channel and provide you with more informative and entertaining Shotokan karate videos.

The pictures shows the YouTube channel of The Shotokan Times and where one can subscribe.
All our videos now in our YouTube channel – subscribe now!

Send us your videos

We also would like to invite you to send us your Shotokan videos. Everything is welcome as long as it belongs to Kihon, Kata and Kumite. After a thorough review we will feature the best videos on our YouTube channel. Just send us a message to

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