Breaking News: We Are Now Readable in 102 Languages!

Have you ever wanted to read The Shotokan Times in your mother tongue like Chinese, Hindi, Spanish, Russian, Bahasa, Japanese, Turkish, French, Hebrew, Arabic, German and many more? Yes?

We at The Shotokan Times strive to offer our readers the best information in the most appealing way. Thus, we have implemented a groundbreaking service our website. Now you can find the amazing and very powerful Google Translator on every of our pages.

Shotokan Tiger Pixelart

Just select your favorite out of the 102 offered languages. Google will then translate the the whole website right away for you. It works on all devices and in seconds.

Of course, the Google Translator is not perfect. But it is an incredible and handy tool which makes it more comfortable for you to read our articles and to engage in discussions.

Spread the word and let your Karate friends know that we have now implemented this incredible innovation.

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