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Condolence Board for Hirokazu Kanazawa

Sadly Soke Hirokazu Kanazawa passed away on December 8, 2019. According to the official announcement of the SKIF it happened “peacefully”. On this pages we would like to offer you a condolence board for Hirokazu Kanazawa, a place to mourn, so that everybody can pay their last respect to Soke Kanazawa as well as to express their sympathies for his family and relatives. Please, write your condolences, your prayers, and wishes in the comment section. We will leave this page unchanged and will send a link to the family of Hirokazu Kanazawa.

50 thoughts on “Condolence Board for Hirokazu Kanazawa

  1. Dear Soke, I would like to express my gratitude. Thank you for everything you brought to Karate and everything you brought me everyday.

    I am so sad today. A model has left us.

    I have the feeling now of having to continue to transmit your way to my humble level. I will try to do my best to practice again and again.

    I am very keen on Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa, your sons, your grandchildren and your family.

    Our classes will be dedicated to you Soke. Osu

  2. Sad day today, soke Kanazawa is passed away. A part of him will always be with us during our practice of karate but also in our hearts. Rest in peace and thank you for everything!
    Nothing stops because the succession is in place and we will continue to practice in the same way, the harmony in the SKIF family !
    OSS !!

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  4. OSS, to the family of Sensei Kanazawa, and the skif family he has built, I am deeply saddened and sorry for your loss. This was a man I could call ” master” with no hesitation. The world is all the better for his time and labour, promoting peace and goodwill through the great Oriental martial arts. The karate world will mourn his passing, as will I personally, and will reflect many times more on his words and actions of great love to his fellow men. My deepest condolences to all his relatives and friends. Andrew Corneal, Australia.

  5. My deepest condolences to Sensei Kanazawa and his family as a fellow karateka. ┏(_ _)┓

  6. Thanks to Sôke I still (again) practice Karate and also Taijiquan. I am utterly saddened by his passing and my condolences go to his wonderful family! I shall try to uphold the legacy as far as my limited means allow, the spirit of harmony, think of the importance of Ki-regulation and correct breathing for ones health and other innumerable things I had the honour and joy to learn from this great soul! It was a blessing to be in his presence, Sôke had a very special aura which will shine eternally! Forever grateful, Wolf Herbert/Tokushima

  7. My role model and Karate idol. I had hoped to have met him before he died. His kata videos have been a massive help throughout my gradings and his gentle, noble demeanor is evident in his interviews. A true Karate legend and samurai warrior in mind, body and spirit. Osu!

  8. I only knew his name and his face and some photos with him and moves from a Shotokan kata. He was at least for me very prominent in the printed martial art magazines of the 80ies, not a monthly edition was without any reference to him. He was the face of Karate for me and many of us. A legend has left us but his legacy lives on! Shomen ni rei! OSU!

  9. I had the honor (and luck) to meeting Soke Kanazawa in my first Karate Championship as a child! My admiration for him was without size and since that day I dedicated myself to follow his steps. My first championship, my first book about karate, my first autograph, all came from Soke Kanazawa.

    Today, as a black belt I am proud to be officially a SKIF member and to pass on his teachings to my students. I am forever grateful for all his deeds, surely today I would not be doing what I love the most if it were not for that. But unfortunately I did not have the opportunity to see him a second time and be able to thank him personally, but I will certainly show my gratitude by continuing his teachings as I have done.

    This year in September I had the opportunity to meet Kancho Nobuaki Kanazawa in Brazil for the first time, and I’m sure he and the Kanazawa family will follow this great legacy in a grand and unforgettable way. My deepest respects…

  10. My deepest condolences to Kanazawa who taught myself and my family karate some 40 years ago in Picketts Lock, you will be joining my father David Alleyn Shihan 7th Dan who also passed away very recently on the 5th of November 2019.

    You were a great teacher and we enjoyed your classes very much, even though you could not speak much English at the time . We loved your teaching so much so that we opened our own karate school over 30 years ago and both SJK and BPK have been running professionally ever since, School of Japanese karate was opened by Lilian and David Alleyn in 1987 , Unfortunately my mother Lilian Alleyn sensei 3rd Dan then also passed away in 2013, but I carried on the schools with my daughters and partner to run sensei Dave and Lilians club and my own.

    I hope that all three of you will now be able to train together once again !!!

    All sadly missed .

  11. Sensei Kanazawa thank you for your inspiration & training over the years. Rest in peace Sensei Kanazawa.
    Jeffrey Heermans
    Vail, Colorado

  12. Oss !!! I started karate in 1991 at the JKA … 1993 was my budo meeting with Kanazawa sensei … Even if I had to leave his federation for work reasons, I never stopped working on his karate style … I consider him a mentor during these 26 years …
    This is a huge loss for karate, there are no words to describe this feeling of sadness.
    Rest in peace Sensei … Thank you for passing on your knowledge!
    All my condolences to the Kanazawa family.
    Oss !!!

  13. When I was a kid I saw him on the front cover of a magazine. I was hooked and still am to this day decades later. He has inspired many 1000s of people in his life. I know he is well taken cared of on the other side. Did so much good in the world. OSS Master.

  14. Sad news, never met him personally but have heard many wonderful stories and find his online kata videos invaluable and so inspiring!

    A personal message on behalf of GNKA (Scotland) & Sensei Brian Bothwell:
    Several years ago a few of us went 10-pin bowling with Sensei Kanazawa. He beat us all an quite comfortably! We said have you played before? He said no I haven’t. Wow we said in astonishment, to which he replied…. Karate make you better at everything.

  15. Its hard to find the right words.
    I startet Karate at 1998 in the OSC-Dojo in Emden. I was 16 years old, my Sensei has some magazine in the front of the Dojo. I saw him on the front cover and I was impressed, until today.

    As a Karateka i’m extremely sad to hear this news and pass on my deepest condolences and Sympathy to the SKIF-community and his Family – The Kanazawa’s – Nobuaki Kancho, Daizo, Fumitoshi Sensei the studends and all their wives and his grand children.

    I say goodbye to a true legend of shotokan.
    Rest in Peace. Thank you for you Spirit.

    Andreas-Heiko Hasse
    dojo Hagakure

  16. Soke Kanazawa was a large inspiration for me and at our club. This is extremely sad. He was an inspiration to all karateka, and the idol to all.
    R.I.P Hirokazu Kanazawa, you will be dearly missed!

  17. So sad to learn of Kanazawa Sensei’s passing. He was one of the most charismatic Karate masters, definitely the greatest i’ve ever seen in action when he came to Mauritius in 2007. At that time had not yet started my budo path but still I was impressed with the the old man’s deep knowledge and real understanding of the art of karate-do. He’s the unconvetional master who even brought Goju Ryu kata in his SKIF curriculum.

    His legacy remains.

    Thank you Sensei

  18. Condolences from ISKF of MT.

  19. My condolences and prayers go out to the family and friends of Soke Kanazawa. He has inspired and touched so many with his passion and wisdom and will be dearly missed. I will forever cherish his teachings, whether live in seminars, videos, books or passed on through many other teachers . May he Rest In Peace.

  20. condolences from all at the shotokan karate union and me personally as I was lucky enough to have known, trained with, stayed at his home in chiba and interviewed him on numerous occasions, His passing will leave a void in the karate world as this pioneering man was a genuine gentleman through and through a true legend and was a point of ethical reference for me and thousands of other karate-ka. Rest in Peace

    Congratulations to the shotokan times staff for being the first to clarify and issue the report of this tragedy

  21. My Condolences to the family. A sad day. Thank you for everything. I am grateful for having seen this great person in life, who created so much, and to have been able to attend training sessions with him. Thank you and rest in peace.

  22. One of the true greats who shared graciously the martial arts to all. An original pioneer! Buddha bless!

  23. RIP Sensei Hirokazu Kanazawa ,role model to all aspiring Karateka worldwide .

  24. Oss Sensei. This truly is the passing of a legend. His influence in my life and karate practice has left me a better man. I am eternally grateful. Arigatou gozaimasu! My heart felt condolence goes to the family.

  25. RIP Hirokazu Kanazawa Sensei your Amazing Inspiration and Teachings will live on in our hearts

  26. We Traditional Karate & Martial Art Training Center are extremely sad to hear this news and pass on our deepest condolences and Sympathy to his immediate Family – The Kanazawa’s – Nobuaki Kancho, Daizo, Fumitoshi Sensei and all their wives and his grand children. To the whole of Soke’s SKIF Family all over the World – We say goodbye to a true gentleman and great Karate-Ka who trail blazed Shotokan Karate for what it is today. We say thank you for all you have done and we trust you are now at peace. Rest in Peace Soke, from TKMATC & Shihan Ayan Chakraborty.

  27. It is beyond words, what you have brought to karate, it is beyond imagination what you have done for karate practitioners throughout your life and it is beyond anyone’s ability to achieve what you have achieved.
    May I pass my deepest condolence to your family and close friends. You will never be forgotten you will always inspire us and bring out the best in all of us.

  28. I extend my condolences to the family of Kanazawa Sensei! He has made a great contribution in mine as well as thousands of others lives through the art of Shotokan. My respects…Osu!

  29. My deepest condolences.

    R.I.P. Kanazawa Hirokazu Sensei

  30. My sincere condolences to the Kanazawa family. I will always remember Kanazawa Sensei’s kindness and welcoming manner when I was at the Ebisu dojo in 1975. Thank you.

  31. We are very sad. TORNAGA Dojo in Berlin truly follows the teaching of our master Kanazawa. If we are not sure he always shows us the right way.
    We will keep training what he tought us and his spirit will always stay with us.
    Our thoughts are with his family.

  32. While i never had the chance to train with Kanazawa Sensei, his influence and teachings have got me a long way through my own Karate training.

    his passing is a true sadness to all who knew him or have been touched by his teachings.
    Rest well Sensei

  33. Toutes nos condoléances à la famille du sensei kanasawa, sa femme, ses enfants. Son enseignement a été pour moi une bénédiction, c’était un père, un homme d’une grande intégrité, d’une grande humilité, d’une exceptionnelle générosité.Il a semé partout dans le monde la graine et l’esprit du shotokan afin qu’il se développe et nourrisse les générations futures.C’était un grand homme, sa disparition est une perte pour le monde des arts martiaux et pour tous les hommes.Essayons ensemble d’etre dignes de cet héritage et de le transmettre. A bientot soke

  34. I felt enormous sadness on hearing of the passing of Kanazawa Soke.

    From humble beginnings in the fishing village of Miyako in northern Japan, Hirokazu Kanazawa later headed to Tokyo where he began his karate training under Funakoshi Gichin and eventually rose to become the All Japan Karate Champion in Kumite and Kata. .

    In the nineteen-sixties here in Britain, he was known to everyone as Sensei Kanazawa, and we all felt incredibly privileged to be his students. His prowess in competition was only eclipsed by his phenomenal humility, kindness and engaging personality.

    Testament to his ability to communicate to students resulted in millions feeling that Sensei was their friend, and in the dojo where they admired and respected him, he brought out the best in them.

    Without doubt he was a unique human being and with his passing, the karate world, not only those who practice the Shotokan style, have lost a major and significant figure.

    Shotokan practitioners will remember him in their own way. For students of other styles, there may be a different view of what were his greatest accomplishments, but there will be unanimous agreement that a great debt was owed to him and that, with his passing, a chapter of karate’s history has closed.

    My thoughts are with his family.

  35. Rest in peace, sensei. Oss!

  36. As the first resident JKA Instructor in Briton, Sensei Kanazawa set the standard for British Karate.

    UK Karateka will always be grateful for this model of a true karate instructor and leader; one of superb skill, integrity and kindness. He can never be forgotten.

    Respectfully and Sincerely

  37. The members of the Caribbean Karate Federation would like to express our sadness on the passing of Soke Kanazawa and would like to extend our sincere sympathy to the family of Soke Kanazawa in their time of sorrow.

  38. I had the very big chance to meet him in 1987.. Sad new, all my thoughts are flying to his familly. Ossu Senseï…. Patrick.

  39. My deepest condolences.

    R.I.P. Kanazawa Hirokazu Sensei

    Benoit N.

    SKIF Belgium

  40. I had the luck to participate at one of his seminars, he seemed to have time for everyone.
    Years before I had bought two books by him, and that’s was in Japan, I regretted many times that I didn’t seek up his Dojo for further studies.
    A legendary master has passed, the legend lives on.
    Condolences to the Kanazawa family

  41. ONORE al Maestro Kanazawa

  42. Grand master Kanazawa passed away only physically, but his soul (through his teachings and his students) will forever live! Yes, his passing is a major loss. I am very saddend, but I know his great legacy will always be alive. Farewell to a great teacher and a great man. Oss!

  43. Rest in peace Sensei…

  44. Sensei Kanazawa was a legend in the karate world, one of the next generation to take his place in the Shotokan world after the passing of GIchin Funakoshi & the establishment of the Japan Karate Association back in the day. I attended a seminar here in Canada almost thirty years ago, he was a dedicated teacher & down to earth, he will be missed.

  45. Oss to the great Kanazawa. Respect and Honour from Uruguay.

  46. My deepest sympathies and condolences to Soke Kanazawa’s family. Greatest respect always. Oss!

  47. I had the honor of training with Mr.Kanazawa as a 3rd kyu brownbelt, about 1992.
    He was AWASOM! I was training at Pacific Coast Shotokan in Hawthorne California. He was there for about a week.
    my favorite memory of Mr. Kanazawa was when he stepped back to practice a move and cracked the baseboard! MY friend and fellow brownbelt belt Clay and I could only be amazed at his power. he signed my belt that I still have to this day. What an honor to train with someone like that. I did get my blackbelt and he was a major motivation.
    We lost someone great. OSS sensei.

    Richard Tillman

  48. I had the honour of making a present for Kanazawa Sensai when he came to Perth WA for our national conference in 1993. It is the highest achievement I had in Karate and regret I did not get a photo with him. His training and knowledge will always stay with me.

  49. The only thing I could say is thank you.

    Farewell master.

  50. All my deepest condolances for Sensei Kanazawa who was my teacher and friend . He was a Gentleman in all ways and a perfect Karate Instructor. I dont think I have seen other PERFECT Karate then Kanazawa Sensei. May his soul rest in peace .

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