What Does Karate Mean To You? A Sustainable Life! (must see video)

What does Karate mean to you? It is a hobby? A passion? Has it changed your life? Has it guided you throught difficult moments? Has it helped you to see things differently? In this wonderful and moving video by the Karate Association of Sweden a few answers on these questions are offered.

After the great success of the video Karate For Life in 2018, the producers interviewed a few karatekas in Sweden about their relationship with karate. Alle were from different walks of life and different ages. Therefore, for everyone of them Karate means something different and has a different purpose. But eventually all of them cherish the art for what it is: A way to a more sustainable life.

Shotokan Tiger Pixelart

So what does Karate mean to you? Write us your answers in the comments.

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