Thank You for 150.000 Visitors in 2019!

We cannot believe it! When we started our journey February this year, we thought it would be great to reach atleast 15.000 visitors. However, 10 mounth later we have reached 10 times as many people: 150.000. And the numbers are still growing.

Combined all visitors have generated round about 280.000 page views. This is an incredible success, too!

Shotokan Tiger Pixelart

A very big thank you goes also to our highly committed authors, contributors, our advisory board, and all goid spirits, who stay behind us!

Thus, we are highly motivated to proceed with our work and to improve our content where ever we can. In the next year we want to generate 500.000 visitors.

To reach this goal we would be very happy if you could invite your karate friends to visit our website, to follow our channels, and to subscribe to our newsletter. Donations and the submission of articles are also welcome. Oss!

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