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Footage: Mikio Yahara 10th Dan Exam

Mikio Yahara 10th dan examination published.

Yesterday, it was reported that Mikio Yahara past the physical exam for 10th Dan. While most commentators found the awarding of the rank of a 10th Dan to Yahara sensei plausible. Many doubted that he had to take a physical exam.

The Shotokan Times found new evidence in the internet that shows Mikio Yahara in front of a committee performing an unprecedented Tekki Nidan.

The Leopard

The publisher of the video claims that it shows the Dan examination of Mikio Yahara. In the background one can see that the examination took place at the KWF World Conference. The KWF hold this conference from November 7 to 10, 2019 in Tokyo.

Further videos have appeared in the internet. All videos show an excellent performance of Mikio Yahara. His 73 do not hold him back to be still a very dynamic and fast karateka with a strong focus on budo. Due to his agility he got the nickname “Leopard” during his competitive career. Whether the exam consisted of more exercises than just Tekki Nidan is unknown to that point. We will report about further information.

Mikio Yahara Joins 10th Dan Club

Mikio Yahara has joined now a very exclusive club of 10th Dan holders. Beside him Teruyuki Okazaki, Hirokazu Kanazawa, Hiroshi Shirai, and, also since this year, Ueki Masaaki had been awarded the rank of 10th Dan. However, according to our information has Mikio Yahara been the only awardee so far who went through a physical exam. This might set new expectations for the awarding of higher Dan ranks in the future. Because committees lent higher Dan rank for outstanding achievements and service to associations and karate in general in the past. Thus, Mikio Yahara has perhaps set a new mark.

Congratulations to Mikio Yahara, oss!

4 thoughts on “Footage: Mikio Yahara 10th Dan Exam

  1. It should be obvious that all of the examiners “know” this man and his reputation for hard work and dedication to the art of karate, especially SHOTOKAN.. . At 73 he moves better than many half his age and that is a testament to his dedication as well.. I have never had the honor of meeting this man, but it would be an honor to do so.. and even after 55 plus years myself ..learn from him.. so CONGRATULATIONS to a real “karateman” and yes master of the art.. May you be given many more years to share your knowledge, skills and discipline with us..

  2. so using no hyperbolic terms to summarize the above announcement without prejustice and not bringing in to question the validity of anyone’s technical skills or their justifiability or the varsity for their advancement in recognition by attaining higher numerical Dan rankings.

    an established figure head of his own association who was previously a leading light of the JKA
    has been awarded 10th Dan by a panel of lower grade subordinate student members of his own association.
    by performing a physical demonstration of his technique in other words a grading exam.
    and the outcome was a unanimous decision in favour of passing their chief instructor to 10th Dan.

    This is not an unusual methodology for association leaders to keep up with their contemporaries or indeed them gaining a slight advantage over the myriad of available outlets in the ever expanding marketplace of karate associations for students to choose to join. that is with the exception in this case of a physical demonstration of his technical level of competency, which might be thought by some as a redundant action because the assessment panel was made up of his students who are by definition happy with their chief instructors level of technical competence or they would not be studying under his guidance.

    the longest established style group in Britain is run by and graded by what is in effect a closed shop committee of a handful of privileged long term members, and while all of those members are indeed indisputably stalwarts of their association and karate in general and they are valid recipients of the grade status endowed upon them by each other through the escalated closed shop system. That’s where the committee members meet and they propose that the chief instructor is awarded lets say 9th dan and that goes through on the nod unanimously, then at the next meeting the chief instructor awards the rest of the committee their next Dan grade lets say 8th Dan.

    Other associations employ a similar strategy but because not every association these days have high ranking committee members. the recipient gets a long term friend of theirs who is of a similar grade to themselves who is head of another organisation to be photographed handing over to them a certificate that was in reality an award to the recipient by their own associations students.

    it seems a distasteful by-product of the too many divisions and splits since the breakup of the JKA that the desire for association heads to keep up Dan Numerically with other marketplace competitors has escalated, and as a result the system is out of control and is not as reliable or representative as it used to be.

    therefore the question is:

    is there a need for this proliferation through the escalated race in search of Higher Numerical Dan rankings taken for commercial reasons ?
    as surely their current work and their previous contribution should speak for itself ?

    1. Practicing daily since september 1982 and never tested for higher than shodan and never will. I practice for the love of the art which alwsys has been my life. Instructed senpais who are now yodan on their way to godan.
      Dan grades are a waste of time. Belt colors are a waste of time. A rope to tie your gi is more than enough. What matters is honest practice with zero ego.
      Happy training.

  3. […] the other the Nakahara fraction. The Matsuno supported Asai and included Keigo Abe, Akihito Isaka, Mikio Yahara, and Kagawa. Nakahara fraction included Masaaki Ueki, Yoshiharu Osaka, and Masahiko […]

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