Devastating: Sen No Sen Mae Geri

Sen no sen has a devastating effect – when it works. The reason is that the forward momentum of the attacker adds to the forward movement of the defender. Both movements combined create a level of energy that exceeds the a single punch. While the risk during sen no sen is high the gain for the defender is even higher.

Highest returns emerged when a attack becomes intercepted with a kick. Usually kicks hit targets with way more power. On the other hand, the tend to be slower.

However, good timing and courage can mitigate this disadvantage. How this can work shows Kristian Sundvor in the following video.


  1. This is why I certainly prefer the Shoto-kan rules to the W.K.F rules and I have in the past fought in both at the highest levels. After nearly 45 years ( for me ) the Japanese approach to competition, especially in the J.K.A format regardless of organisations has not altered. That was a ippon and on the street would 90% of the time stop the fight or at least turn it to your advantage. It is Kumite not paddy-wacks, nor brawling. Great tactics, great kick.


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