Mega Project Launched: Encyclopedia of Shotokan

The Shotokan Times is happy to announce the launch of the Encyclopedia of Shotokan. “We urgently need a comprehensive, deep, thorough, concise, non-political, and valid information base in Shotokan karate. Therefore, we will build the Encyclopedia of Shotokan in the month to come and invite everybody to contribute to this mega project”, says managing director and chief editor of The Shotokan Times, Dr. Christian Tribowski.

During our own research for stories and analyzes the editorial office came to the conclusion: Wikipedia and Facebook do not offer the information Shotokan karateka need and want. Most articles lack precise definitions and clear structures. In the light of the high standards of Shotokanka the most information bases must be deemed insufficient. Dr. Tribowski comments on this: “We at The Shotokan Times are highly committed to provide the global Shotokan community with the best and most comprehensive information. Thus, it is our duty to close this gap of information.”

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Easy accessible and efficient through indexing and cross-linking.

The great success of The Shotokan Compendium has show in the last few month that many karateka have a great desire for high quality, well written, and easily accessible information about Shotokan. Therefore, the editorial office has decided to expand its services. Beside the flagship articles the Encyclopedia of Shotokan is going to accessible from today onward.

The Encyclopedia of Shotokan will grow and improve over the upcoming month. Like Wikipedia it will be a “living” information base that continuously evolves.

It offers overview articles about:

  • Techniques,
  • Technical terms,
  • Concepts,
  • Definitions,
  • People,
  • Events,
  • General topics,
  • Incidents,
  • Associations,
  • Institutions,
  • Organizations,
  • Brands,
  • Trends,
  • etc.

An alphabetic index as well as a search field make it easily accessible and efficient. Cross-links help to see relationships to and between topics and to get a fast overview.

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All articles begin with a clear and simple definition. The digestibility of the content is the highest goal.

Encyclopedia as Collaborative Project

The encyclopedia follows the concept of co-creation. Unlike our flagship articles, which mostly have one or two authors, many authors can and should work on one encyclopedia article. “We want to utilize the knowledge of the global Shotokan karate community. The Shotokan Times understands itself as a community for Shotokan expertise. Our community has a tremendous amount of information, insights, experience, and knowledge. We want to bring all that together to build the best encyclopedia bout Shotokan available,” says Dr. Christian Tribowski.

Through a collaborative approach The Shotokan Times also seeks to secure the up-to-dateness of the articles. Due to the internet knowledge and information spread very fast. Shotokan also evolves. Being up-to-date poses a challenge or many karateka. Therefore, the encyclopedia offers an easy one-stop-shop, where karateka can satisfy their informational needs.

On the other hand, the collaboration guarantees validity and objectivity through cross-checking. All authors bring their knowledge into the articles and check the arguments and the presented sources. If an article does not match the stipulated quality criteria it will be altered.

Want to Contribute to The Encyclopedia of Shotokan?

Do you want to become a contributor to the Encyclopedia of Shotokan? Then we would love to receive your very easy application. Just send us an email to

Please state your

  • full name,
  • address,
  • relationship to Shotokan,
  • topics you are interested in, and
  • whether you have writing experience.

Once we have setup your contributor account you can post own articles and alter existing ones. After the successful posting and alteration you will be allowed to add your name to the authors list at the bottom of the articles where you were involved with.

Guiding principles for the writing and editing of articles can be found on the Wikipedia Policies and Guidelines pages. Especially take into account the rules about Content.


Everybody, who also wants to contribute but is not interested in getting an account, can send us articles to We are very happy to review them. Feel also free to use the comment section below the article to discuss and exchange.

Do not hesitate and become part of the biggest expert community of Shotokan and work with us on the Encyclopedia of Shotokan. Oss!

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