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Koji Arimoto: Unsu Jump and Bunkai

Koji Arimoto is a Shotokan prodigy. The world champion of 2012 has displayed his excellent skills in several Kata videos lately. One of the most astonishing is his explanatory video of the Unsu jump which was published by Andre Kok. He not just explains the right motion. He also shows its Bunkai.

Koji Arimoto About his Technical Education

Hi tremendous technical level comes stems from the rigorous education of his Sensei Masao Kagawa. In a recent interview with he described what it means to take part in Masao Kagawas master class and instructor program: “Normally, it lasts two years. But for me, it lasted three years. After the first two years, Kagawa Shihan felt that I was not enough ready to teach yet. I then worked harder for another year to get my instructor exam. It is a training that requires a very high technical level and an outstanding will.”

The Difficulty of The Unsu Jump

However, the jump in Unsu confronts every Karateka with a challenge. The rotation takes place, on the one hand, around the horizontal axes. At the same time, the body is slightly diagonal. So the body also rotates around the vertical axes.

For some Karateka this move already poses a challenge to envision it. But Koji Arimoto does an excellent job in the video to explain, what the jump is about. In addition, he also shows its bunkai. It requires very advanced skills to execute such a jump without hurting or missing the opposite Karateka. Whether the bunkai comes close to reality or not, can be deemed as secondary. Above all, the control of the body and to master the movement are more important.

We in the editorial office of The Shotokan Times cannot remember that we have ever seen such a precise Bunkai of the Unsu jump? Have you? Then send us the video!

4 thoughts on “Koji Arimoto: Unsu Jump and Bunkai

  1. GREETINGS….a very talented, athletic, gifted young Man. Two quick items, if I may? [1] it would have been more ideal if the SHOTOKAN PRODIGY could have been recorded properly with better audio and without the distraction of a second Seminar running right beside (perhaps 2 Prodigies were on duty at this time?….perhaps someone could have come up with a scenario that each deserved their own focused audience….i.e. bad planning)
    [2] I strive to understand the logic behind the movement, when in battle….i.e. what did the creators intend?….the jump kick itself is not the concern, as we have witnessed jump-kicks numerous times in combat sports….however, why the 2 turns?….once at the beginning and once in mid-flight….I have yet to figure this out or to hear any viable, reasonable, practical answer, aside from the theatrics of a demonstration.

    Thank you

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  4. […] he began producing the next group of Japanese world beaters. The crop of new talent included Koji Arimoto, Takato Souma, and Takumi […]

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