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The Shotokan Times Supports UNICEF

The Shotokan Times proudly announces its support for UNICEF. From today onward, it is going to donate 10 percent from every item it sells in its newly opened shop to the United Nations Children’s Fund.

Managing director and chief editor Dr. Christian Tribowski commented this step as follows:

“Shotokan Karate has the paramount aim to civilize mankind and to make the world a better place. Physical, mental, and ethical education, equality and justice are its core values. We at The Shotokan Times are highly committed to these values and to turning them into practice in our daily work.

However, a huge number of children worldwide live in poverty, under constant threat of war and crime, as daily victims of abuse, neglect, and discrimination. Children are also the weakest group of society and cannot protect themselves. To provide them with an appropriate education and to fight for the enforcement of their rights we are going to support UNICEF.

As Gichin Funakoshi wrote in his 20 Precepts of Karate Do: “Karate is an assistance to justice”. Therefore, we assist UNICEF in its endeavor to serve justice to children worldwide.”

The Shotokan Times opened an online shop in partnership with spreadshirts this week. It offers Shotokan clothing and merchandise. From every item it sells The Shotokan Times is going to donate 1 Euro to the German UNICEF branch. The branch supports child protection, support, and education projects world wide.

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