Okuma Sensei likes the The Shotokan Times! Join his Seminar this Weekend in Düsseldorf

Koichiro Okuma Sensei is a world wide renowned JKA instructor. We had the chance to meet him in Düsseldorf, where he is going to give a seminar this weekend. During our meeting we could interview Okuma Sensei about the daily life of a JKA instructor.

While we all know that instructors travel and teach a lot we have no idea about their daily routine. How do they start the day? How much do they train? Do they train at all? How much training do they give? How much time do they spend in the office? What other task do they have to fulfill? Do they have hobbies beside Karate? How much do they travel?

Seminar with Andre Bertel in Germany

Okuma Sensei allowed us an open and astonishing glimpse into his daily routine. We talked with him about his favorite hobby and how he trains Makiwara during traveling. The interview is going to be published in the next two weeks. But we can reveal that he 11.000 Zukis on the Makiwara every morning in Winter. In Summer, he does 5.000 Zukis at the Makiwara every morning in summer, because it is to hot in Tokyo. So stay curious. Oss!!

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