Gyaku-Zuki for Kumite! Keigo Shimizu Shows How to Train it – in Slowmotion

To use Gyaku-Zuki during kunite requires a lot of speed and quick reactions. The fist has to cross a longer distances than a Kizami-Zuki.

In order to train it fast repetitions of Gyaku-Zukis are prefereable. Keigo Shimizu shows in the following video how to do it. Thank to Rene Winkler the video is in slowmotion. Thus, you can see Keigos posture during punches.

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  1. Little pokibg punches with no extension and penetration. Any karate techniques even those practised have to have the potential to do damage. Front knee rotates in on restraction and out on punch. A fighter with good timing will sweep
    this karate ka.


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