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The Kumite Carousel

Have you ever used the kumite carousel for your kumite training? If not then it is time to integrate it in your training regime. Because a fight comprises 3 aspects of behavior:

  1. Waiting
  2. Reaction
  3. Action

All 3 must be trained at the same time – if possible. Moreover, they should be trained under pressure. Then all three aspects become routinized and automatically executed by the body.

Kumite Carousel

The Kumite Carousel is a efficient method to train all 3 aspects at the same time and still put pressure on the Karateka. Thomas Prediger, Chair of our advisory board, utilizes it in his Kumite Boot Camp.

You only need at least three practitioners. One faces the two others while all constantly change their position in a fixed order – they rotate. By doing so they constantly change their roles: Observer, attacker, defender. The quick changes of the roles puts the karateka under pressure and forces them wait, react or act.

The following video shows you how it works.

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