Nominate your Personal Heroine for the Women of Shotokan Series

Women have become a vital part of Shotokan Karate in the last 25 years. However, they still gain less attention then men. With our Women of Shotokan series we have started to contribute to a more equalized visibility of man and women. We had already the chance to portrait four amazing and inspiring Women of Shotokan. They showed us the female side of the art and gave us invaluable insights what Shotokan means for female Karateka and their lives. These four women were:

But their are still plenty of Women of Shotokan out there, who inspire others and who live Do and overcome all kind of challenges in and outside the Dojo on a daily basis. Therefore, we kindly ask you to nominate your personal heroine for our Women of Shotokan series.

Tiger Sneaker

Write us a message with the contact details of your nominee. But first, ask them about permission. You can also write a few lines why you think that your nominee is a perfect role model and an inspiring Woman of Shotokan. We then get in touch with the person you have nominated.

If you have questions, just write us a message, too. We are looking forward to you nominations. Oss!


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