Taikyoku Shodan for (Kumite) Specalist! With Keigo Shimizu

For advanced Karateka, Taikyoku Shodan seems rather boring. The Kata only consist of Gedan Barai and Oi-Zuki.

Many Dojos do not practice it. And many Karateka do not know it. This is undeserved because the Kata has a great potential and can be used as a challenging training regime.

Shotokan Tiger Pixelart

Sensei Keigo Shimizu shows in the following video one way how to use Taikyoku Shodan effectively in classes. While he keeps the walking pattern he changes the techniques to Jodan Gyaku Zuki. When he rotates the body he drops the front hand. From here he winds it up to hikite in order to gain more power and acceleration. With a more fluent way of moving Taikyoku Shodan becomes a good routine for undividual Kumite practice.

Do you have a special way of doing you Taikyoku Shodan? Let us know. We are curious!

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