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“A writer, I think, is someone who pays attention to the world.”

Susan Sontag

The Shotokan Times is a media platform for the global Shotokan Karate community. In the last months, our readership has grown tremendously. We attract readers from all continents and from more than 150 countries. Our aim is to be the No. 1 platform for the international discourse and exchange about Shotokan topics.

To give more Karateka the chance to share their ideas, insights, and experiences we are welcoming new authors. If you are interested to submit

Tiger Sneaker
  • an analysis,
  • a comment,
  • a description of a technique, Kata, method etc., or
  • a report about a seminar or tournament or something else

than feel free to send your document to: After a thorough consideration and editing, if needed, we are happy to publish your article. Please, keep in mind that articles should not exceed more than 800-1.000 words.

You will become part of our family of contributors from all over the world. Oss!


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